Be Still. (FREE Printable)

Yesterday I was a little frantic and harried trying to scrounge up some way to pay for an unexpected car repair bill.  I put out a plea on Facebook that went like this:

“We got a very unpleasant surprise yesterday in the form of car repairs that are going to cost upwards of $3000. This morning I am in a mad scramble to figure out how to pay for it and so am asking for some help. I have just under 100 coloring books left and if I sell every last one I will be able to cover the repair costs so we can have a car that runs and fits our entire family. If you’ve considered buying one, today would be an amazing day to do so. If you aren’t in the market for one, can you just share this post and give others the opportunity to purchase one? We have had a rough go of it this past year and this seems like the proverbial straw so I am asking for help. Thank you to everyone who has been such a big support to us. I know I could not have made it through this last year without you.”

And then.

In the past 24 hours I sold 36 coloring books and had money donated from dear friends so today I am doing my best to do this…

BeStill8.5x11CLICK HERE to download “Be Still”

And not question my worthiness and whether or not I deserve what has been done.  Enjoy the free printable friends.  You are amazing!


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