Free Body Positive Printables!

Having struggled with disordered eating for a VERY long time I am extremely passionate about body positivity.  One of my favorite groups that champions body image resilience is Beauty Redefined.  They have an online class that I have been working on for a while now (and teaching my girls about), and they spend a ton of time spreading positive messages about women and their bodies.  I love their work!

A few months ago I was contacted by a friend of mine who admins a Facebook group for women (that I am part of) called “Embracing My Body” (If you are interested in joining you can find it by clicking the link and request to be added: Embracing My Body).  She was wondering if I would be willing to do some drawings to help spread awareness about embracing our bodies and body image resilience.  I was happy to and immediately started thinking about how to incorporate the message into my art.

The words of Beauty Redefined instantly came to mind.  I reached out to Lindsey and Lexie Kite, the founders of the movement, and asked permission to use some of their slogans to make free printables that women could use to reinforce body positivity in their own lives.  The Kite sisters were very gracious and allowed me to use their slogans in these drawings.  They believe that helping women is important and I agree with them so much.  If you want to give a shout out to them just visit their website or their facebook page and let them know how thankful you are for their message.

I hope these images can be helpful and inspire women to view themselves and their bodies in an increasingly positive manner.

These drawings are free.  This is still my art and my time and creativity.  Be sure to regard copyright and use them respectfully!

Please print them and color them and pass them along to women and girls you know who could use a reminder of how important and powerful they are.

Fill in the sign in the drawing with something that your body can DO.

I so easily view my body as an object, something for other people to critique and scrutinize, and often forget all of the wonderful things my body can DO.  My body can do yoga.  My body can enjoy delicious foods.  My body can do wobbly cart wheels.  My body can draw.  The list goes on.  And it does for YOU too!

Post your images to social media and tag Me and Beauty Redefined (if you feel so inclined, I would LOVE to see what you do with these images and I’m sure the Kite sisters would too!) and use the hashtag #mybodycando.

This first one is an example that I filled in for me…I still need to color it.  There are six images to choose from.  I truly hope that every woman can identify with at least one and make it her own.  xoxoxo  Meggan


Click the link to download a PDF of Beauty is not a Limited Resource. (Pictured Below)


Click this link to download a PDF of I am NOT a Before and After. (Pictured Below)


Click this link to download a PDF of My Value is Infinite. (Pictured Below)


Click this link to download a PDF of My body is an Instrument, NOT an Ornament. (Pictured Below)


Click this link to download I am MORE than just a body. (Pictured Below)


Click this link to download My Reflection does not define my Worth. (Pictured Below)



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