My Coloring Book-FOR SALE!

My friends!!!! See all those exclamations points I just typed?! That’s because my coloring books are here. They are here and they are beautiful and they are ready for purchase. I am beyond excited and emotional about this. Please take a look at them, buy them, let me know if you have any questions about them!
Here is a brief description of the book:
“This is an 11″x14” book or colorable art prints (not just a coloring book!). Each page is printed on heavy cardstock and has a vertical perforation (pictured) so the pages can easily be removed, shared, framed, displayed, gifted, and more.
There are 32 unique prints and one bonus print that is a slight variation on the print before it. Both are included because of the emotional response to the unique aspects of each print…I could not decide to leave either one out.
Pictured is one of the prints included in the book. The print does not come colored, I simply colored it to show what it can look like when it has been colored.
This book is all about sisters. Not just sisters that we are bound to by blood but those women and girls who become our sisters throughout life. “
You can buy yours here:
Share this post with your friends, on social media, and everywhere.  I would love for my Sisters to travel the world!
xoxoxo Meggan

Here is a small sneak peek of some of the images included:


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