I can’t Help you.


As most of you know I’ve been working REALLY hard to try and help Lacy be able to afford hearing aids.  So she can hear her children.  And her husband.  And her other loved ones.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time discussing how heartbreaking it is that a small piece of plastic is standing between her and her being able to hear her sweet babies.  I have extra small eustachian tubes so if I ever get congested my ears plug right up and for a few weeks afterward I can hear myself breathing over everything else.  It sucks.  To have that be my reality all the time…well, you get the picture.

I actually want to discuss something else.  And I’m serious about wanting to discuss it because I want good ideas on how to navigate these situations in the future if they are ever presented to me.

When the donations stopped rolling in for Lacy I was about two seconds away from giving up when I decided to reach out to some influential bloggers who I’ve been following for years and see if they might be able to help get the word out.  These are bloggers that I’ve supported as much as I could.  Some of them I know personally, others, just from the internet.  One time, one of them had a hardship and needed extra traffic to her blog, I shared her blog a few times a day for weeks and made a point to visit it myself at least 5 times a day.  One of them needed to borrow some power tools and I helped her find someone who had some.  Over the years I’ve felt like I’ve gotten to know each of them pretty well.  When I helped them with their things I did it because I thought they were good people and I found a way that I could help.  I DID NOT expect anything in return.  However, when I needed help, they were the ones I reached out to because I felt like we had somewhat of a personal connection.

Every single one of them said NO.  They couldn’t help.  Why?  Because they get asked a lot and they can’t help everyone.  I, at first, understood why they would say that.  And then I tried to put myself in their shoes.  And I really don’t ever want to be the person who is too famous to help people.  How do I make sure that I don’t become that person??  Is it inevitable?  If lots of people end up liking my art then do I stop helping people because there are too many people to help?  I AM NOT saying this sarcastically.  I am being totally serious and would love some honest opinions.

The people who did end up helping me are people who are “normal” just like me.  We run small businesses and most of our customers are people we know.  I am incredibly grateful to those who could stand up and offer their time and talents for a dear sweet mother who just wants to be able to hear.  And I always want to be the person who is able to help.

What are your thoughts??


1 thought on “I can’t Help you.”

  1. I think you just keep letting your gut & your heart & your mind guide you. You can’t always help everyone and you don’t owe anyone an excuse when you aren’t able or willing to help. You just keep being your amazing generous self and doing what feels right ( without forgetting to take care of you).

    Feel good about what you’re able to do. In this case the funds you’ve raised so far are AMAZING! You are super caring and wonderful!

    Keep on being you, because you’re fabulous! You are enough! You do enough! Being amazing means sometimes you gave to do amazing all on your own, and that’s okay! What you do matters!


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