How To and OPTIONS.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of this before but I think it might be helpful to have a short “how to” post about my drawings.  There are a few options, I will explain each.

Commissioned Pieces aka Biographies.  I do all the work.  Haha.  Here are a few examples of some I’ve done:

When a client wants a commissioned piece I first spend time getting to know them and their needs.  If this can be in person then that is what I do.  For instance, the drawing with the tree was done for my friend’s teenage daughter who loves family history.  My friend sent me a bio of her daughter and told me all about the things she is passionate about.  She also sent me 4-5 pictures so I could get a good idea of what she looks like.  After that I began to draw and I continued to read and re-read the information my friend had sent me until the drawing started to come together.  Doing a commissioned piece is always a spiritual experience for me.  I love them doing them.  Commissioned pieces are $200 and for now come in two sizes 8.5×11 and 11×14.  Bigger sizes to come later (we have to get a house first so I can have a place to keep big pieces safe!).

Special Requests:  These are also commissioned pieces but I put them separately because I wanted everyone to know that my drawing capabilities are not limited to portraits.  I have done portraits of pets and mythical creatures.  I have also done quotes.  Here are some examples…

Special Requests are just as in depth and personal as portraits.  If I’m doing a pet portrait I want to capture the spirit and personality of your pet.  Special Requests are $200 and for now also come in two sizes 8.5×11 and 11×14.  Bigger sizes to come later!

AutoBiographies: These are available in my Etsy shop and are a way to personalize a portrait for you or a friend without the expense of a commissioned piece.  The first step is to pick a portrait that speaks to you.  Each portrait comes with a sheet of words (additional sheets can be purchased if you would like more word choices).  The word sheet does not have to be used, if you are comfortable, fill the face your own way, with your own words, colors, symbols, whatever you want!  If you want to use the word sheet simply place it over the face and line up the word that you want to use with where you want it on the face.  Like this:

Here I am going to put the word “confident” under the word “loved” that is already written on the face.


Next, hold down the word sheet while placing the graphite paper, dark side down, under the word that you want to trace.  Like this:


Then, hold both pieces of paper down and trace over the word with a pencil, pen, or other writing utensil.  Like this:


The word will then appear, in graphite, on the drawing.  The graphite does erase but not well, especially if it’s put on really dark, so the lighter it is put on, the better.  You can then trace over the words with marker, pens, or any other medium.  I use these pens because they are fine tipped and easy to use.  Autobiographies are $15 each and come with one sheet of words and one small sheet of graphite paper.  Have fun creating your drawing!

I hope this helps explain what I do.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


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