Giving and Giveaway

A few days ago I was scrolling through my facebook feed and noticed that a friend of mine, Lacy, was advertising an upcoming yard sale….so she could afford to buy hearing aids. I’m not sure why but I felt compelled to find a way to help. So I sent her a message and asked lots of questions and she agreed to let me help.

Then I was like…how am I going to help her? How can I possibly make a difference. And that’s when I realized that I couldn’t do it alone. But that I could offer what I have…my art.

So, this is my plan. I hope it works! I am going to give away a Group Kit of art. This kit comes with TEN separate 8.5×11 portraits, 5 sheets of traceable words, 5 pieces of graphite paper, and 10 surprise somethings (kit valued at over $200). You can see the kit here: Group Kit

To be entered in to win the kit, you just have to go to Lacy’s gofundme ( account and donate ANY amount. Then, go to my facebook page and, on the giveaway post that’s pinned at the top of the page, tell me about your favorite simple way to serve others (maybe we can all be a little inspired!).

I will draw a winner when the gofundme goal has been reached. So, invite your friends! Like the last giveaway, I will give an extra entry for each time someone mentions that “so and so sent me”.

This is my first time trying this. Lacy needs us! The sooner she gets these hearing aids, the better! You can read more of her story below OR on the gofundme page. Thank you for helping!!



Dear Giving Souls,
Meet Lacy.  She is a daughter, a wife, a sister, and a mother to two incredible boys.  Lacy also has Ehlors Danlos syndrome.

Because of complications from the disease she needs hearing aids.  This development is recent.  Her eustachian tubes have been damaged by the disease and they stay open all the time.  This makes it so when she breathes it is very loud.  When she talks, she can pretty much only hear her own voice.  Trying to live her life and raise two boys with this condition has made things very complicated.  A few weeks ago she was given a trial pair of hearing aids but because she lacks the funds for her own pair, she had to give them back.  It was so hard for her to give up something that was helping her so much.  These are her words: “With hearing aides, I will be able to hear a lot better than I do now which will help me navigate my already difficult world so much better. I had a “trial” pair for a couple weeks and it was so hard to give them back. I was amazed at the difference they made.”

The disease also makes ALL of her joints extremely loose.  She dislocates joints daily and can’t walk very far because it is so tiring.  When she is going to be doing a lot of walking she has to use a wheelchair.  She has chronic pain.

As if that isn’t enough, both of her boys have been diagnosed with the same disease.  Here is her oldest son getting some tests done on his heart. Ehlors Danlos can negatively affect the heart so defects there are always a worry.  He also broke 3 bones on joints last year within an 8 month period because of his joint instability.


Lacy, knowing the difficulties that this disease has caused in her life, worries for her sons and what their future holds.  Here is her youngest son, so full of life..


Lacy has worked tirelessly to earn the money herself for the hearing aids but with all of the medical bills the family already deals with, earning the money has been slow.  She has, so far, come up with $2,000 on her own.  She needs roughly $6,000 to get them.  Let’s band together and help her get these hearing aids so listening to her loved ones talk and laugh won’t be a difficult part of her life!!

Thank you!!!




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